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Replicable Sustainable Development Model

"Water & Sanitation---A way to Development Project" is the most successful project of IITD.; - the project is supported by IIMK-MEMISA-VPWvO, Belgium. The project provides safe drinking water through installations of tube wells which are managed by a Committee (Tube well Management Committee) formed by the beneficiaries themselves driven by ownership spirit. It has been proved to be a sustainable project;


i)                   We have successfully installed 49 Tube wells in 49 different areas of Sunderban for Providing Safe Drinking Water, total fund accumulated in 49 Tube well committee is Rs. 9, 00,514/- approx. The beneficiaries have collected Rs. 15000/- for each Tube well from the benefiting community; opened a Bank A/C. each beneficiaries are contributing Rs. 5/- per month to each respective Tube well management committee thus Rs. 300/- approx. is depositing in the Bank A/C. The Tube well money is used for Tube well repairing and maintenance purpose. It is also used for internal lending in emergencies.


ii)                There are 222 S.H.G groups with 2600 members approx. under 34 S.H.G Village Cluster and 6 S.H.G Union Cluster under IITD Guidance & Management. Total amount saved by the member in each respective 222 Bank A/C are Rs. 7200000/- (Seventy Two Lakhs) approx. which they give for internal loan among the needy S.H.G members at the time of emergency as well as for economic development activities.


iii)               To provide ways and means for income generation of rural people. The project gives grant/financial support for self employment. IITD has given 15 chickens to each deserving families of Sagar, Patharpratima, Namkhana and Kakdwip block of 24 PGS(S). Total number of families covered are 9500 approx. each family returned back the seed money to the project for further distribution among other needy family. It was possible only because of mind set of the commute people is changed, Ownership concept is improved towards community participation and community contribution. Each family earn Rs. 2000 – 5000 per year by this poultry farming.


iv)              In case of Goatry farming IITD provides One She – Goat only to a needy family with Medicine, Vaccination and Treatment Support: after One Year / Two Year the family return back One She – Goat to the project for further distribution among other needy family. Thus creating a revolving fund of community for lively hood development support to the needy beneficiaries. after making good surplus/profit.

Case Study (1)

Mrs. Bishnu Priya Halder, a member of "Nabo Chetna" SHG of Mundapara Kakdwip Block, in 2011-12 received 15 chicks from the Project, sold 8 hen & got Rs.1,200/-, with which she bought 50 chicks, again sold 40 hens & got Rs.4,800/. With this money she bought 100 chicks. Presently in 2015 onwards in every 2 months she sold 100 hens of

2 kg body weights & earned profit of Rs. 2,500/ to Rs. 3,000/.

With this profit Bishnu Priya is able to properly educate her 3 children.


Case Study (2)

Putul  Sardar  from  Mundapara's “Alo”  SHG  got  1  goatling  in  2010 from WS-W2D Project. Till date she had 20 goatlings from her first goat, out of which two died. She sold Rs. 16,000/- worth goats & presently she has 8 goats. With this money she is now proudly & successfully cultivating Paan (Betel Nut).

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