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IITD in National AIDS Control Programme

Kakdwip, a sub-divisional town  is a hub of activity. The town is a host to a large number of fishermen from Hooghly, Barasat & North 24 Parganas, Murshidabad, Basanti & Gosaba as well as from Bangladesh & Burma who stay at Kakdwip for several months away from their families and indulge in high-risk behaviors like engaging in sex with multiple partners including commercial sex workers, alcohol consumption and gambling. Kakdwip  is  a  major  truck  halt  for  trucks  carrying  dried  fish,  prawn, bamboo, hardware & construction materials and the truck drivers and helpers who during their short stays of 2-3 days often indulge in multiple partner sexual activities for entertainment.

Bakkhali, Namkhana area has been fast developing as a sea side tourist spot because of the proximity of Bakkhali and Frejurgunge to Kolkata and suburb. There has been a spurt in hotels, resorts, tourist lodges and motels which are used for sexual activities. At nearby Sagar, there is continuous influx of people. There are number of hotels and resorts in the area, where sex work takes place.

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There has been a major influx of people of different professions in the region, their stay ranging from 2 days to several months. These please are frequented by a significant number of sex workers like brother based, street based sex workers  are found in all above mentioned location , in a significant number of local women from Kakdwip, Sagar, Patharpratima, Namkhana, Lakhikanrapur & even Sonerpur are engaged in sex work in that region.

In order to cater to the health needs of FSWs in the region and to promote safe sex among them; IITD had launched the Targeted Interventions programme for FSWs in the specified location in collaboration with West Bengal State AIDS Prevention & Control Society.



To improve the sexual health status of  the  Female  Sex  Workers  by reducing  the  incidence  of  STI, HIV/AIDS  infection  at  Kakdwip Sub-Division


• Low literacy rate

• Possession  of  hard  cash  with outsiders

• High mobility

• More priced if not using condom

• Unsafe  sex  encounter  –  for short duration

• Harassments from local goondas

• Frequent Police raid

• Practicing  unsafe  sex  with Babus

• Addiction to alcohol & opium.


1. Behavior Change  through Communication:

  • One to one interaction
  • Demand Generation Meeting at Hotspot
  • Organizing DIC level meeting
  • Distribution of IEC materials
  • Counseling on safe sex practice

2. Community Mobilization:

  • Ensuring  peer-led  (rather  than  ORW-led) outreaching activities with
  • Formation  of  community  committees  Like DIC Committee, Crisis Response Committee, Project Management Committee.
  • Community  Event:  Like  Rakhsha  Bandhan, World AIDS Day.

3. Condom Promotion:

  • Condom demonstration
  • Distribution of free condom
  • Distribution  of  male  condoms  to  the  sex workers as per their demand and to the outlets  for social marketing
  • Condom distribution through Clinic and Hotel i.e. Outlets

4. Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections:

  • Presumptive treatment
  • Serologic screening for syphilis and treatment for those who are reactive.
  • Periodic Medical Health check up
  • Follow-up services
  • Health education and counseling
  • Partner management programmes (i.e. contact referral)
  • Counseling support for sero-positive persons

5. Referrals & Linkages:

  • Strong referral & linkage for HIV treatment, care and support and other related services with Medical College and Hospital

  • Establishment of linkages to community care and support like SNP+, Arunima Hospice.

  • Clinic maintains a referral directory, documents referrals and ensures follow-up

2. Enabling Environment:

  • Advocacy  with  PRIs,  Govt  officials,  Health staffs, ICDS staff, RMPs, Police, CBOs
  • One  to  one  Advocacy  meeting  with  Hotel owners,  Trawler  owners, business  union, Transport union, labour union, Brothel owner/ Masi/ middleman etc.
  • Income Generation Programme for FSW
  • Assisting to get Social Security Scheme
  • Support to PLWHA
  • Formation of Crisis Management Committee for response against violence on FSWs